Unit Vocabulary & Objectives

Tier 1:

Anatomy Packet

3 Column Chart #1 (word, define, explain)

3 Column Chart #2 (structure, function, analogy)

Lecture 1 What Structures Compose the Human RS?

Lecture 2: How Do Hormones and Secretions Help Maintain Sex Cells?

Tier 2: (choose 2)

  • Draw, Label, and Describe (3-4 sentence summary) at least  diagrams from the unit
  • Vocabulary flash cards (need 10 cards with definition, explanation, and synonym/antonym for each word)
  • Study guide (5 t/f questions, 5 fill-in-the-blank questions, 5 short answers, 5 matching statements with answer key)

Tier 3: (choose 1)

  • Create a (3-5 minute) prezi, voicethread, or xtranormal presentation answering 1 of the unit objectives (see above).
  • Top ten list (create a list of the top ten problems and disorders leading to male and female infertility, rank them in order and justify your rankings)
  • RAFT