Pretty (and useful) Periodic Tables

Atomic Radius

Ionization Energy


Your Very Own Periodic Table!!

Your periodic table should be labeled, identified, and colored to help you!!

Helpful Website: 

Interactive Periodic Table 


  • State of matter (solid, liquid, gas) of the first 20 elements.
  • Number of Valence electrons of the first 36 elements

Color (include a key):

  • Alkali Metals

  • Non-metals

  • Metalloids

  • Transition Metals 

  • Alkaline Earth Metals

  • Halogens

  • Nobel Gases

  • Lanthanides

  • Actinides

Identify the following trends (using arrows):

  • Ionization Energy
  • Electronegativity
  • Atomic Radius
  • Reactivity